Sunday, June 27, 2010

not that anyone checks this but...

AHHHHHH!!! So i'm engaged :) Which you all already know. I went dress shopping today and it was so freaking fun! I have a new need to blog so I can get it all out. So feel free to check here regularly since I don't have my own real blog and don't feel like starting one :)

So I went with my mom, sister, grandma, 3 of bridesmaids and their mom!! We brought champagne and picked out about 20 dresses to try on. The girl who helped us was Amanda and she adorable and funny and was actually the one who picked out the dress I ended up getting! Anyway-I had NO IDEA what kind of dress I wanted so everyone picked out one they liked and I started feeling increasingly anxious the more they grabbed. I still am reeling from just being engaged so it just felt weird to be trying on I was pretending or something!

So...I tried the first one on and actually really liked it...discovered I LOVE lace :) My mom wasn't a huge fan though. First hiccup! Hard to please everyone eh ;) So i tried on the next one which I think I just laughed and didn't even come out in because it was sooo ridiculous and it kind of went like that for the next few except for one which was okay and my mom really liked. I tried on some ridiculous ball gown style dresses which I always figured I would love and wow-i looked like an oompa loompa on crack or something. not such a good look for me!! too damn short :)

Then the lovely amanda snuck one in and said she thought it might have all the pieces from each of the dresses I had tried on and liked and none of the aspects that I didn't like. she helped me into each dress, which by the way is very hard. I almost fell over about five times. very fun topless with a complete stranger. she pulled up each dress, she would ask me what i thought and for each one I didn't really have any thoughts. I just sort of said "umm...i'm not sure yet!" But as she pulled up the last one and asked me, I couldn't stop smiling and she kind of winked a knowing wink! As I walked out to where everyone was, I glanced in another mirror and had a little moment of "oh my gosh that's me?!" and as soon as I got situated on the podium thing whatever you call that and turned to the mirror and started giggling. then sobbing and everyone else was one step ahead of me and already crying and popping the champagne!!

then...i hung out in the dress for about an hour :) amanda told me there are always signs that's it the dress. first the keep on glancing in the mirror and smiling, then the swaying and admiring yourself, and finally petting the dress. which i was definitely doing! I swear, I have had nights where I thought, "hey...okay I don't look that bad" but with that dress on, I felt BEAUTIFUL :) it was so freaking fun!!!

so now it's on to bridesmaids and mothers and grooms!!! i'll post pics as I go-in case you all were really feeling the need to be intimately involved in this whole thing ;) really it's for my own enjoyment and my family's sanity so they don't have to do double duty of doing it all and reliving it all fifteen times as I obsess over it all :)