Thursday, April 2, 2009

the usual Sunday?!

Finally, we were reunited and able to hang out on a wonderful Sunday. After a lovely breakfast (from a restaurant that had 5 items on the menu...way to go Lees) & church we had to feed Scott and Jimmy again. The buttery waffles and weird oatmeal didn't cut it the first time. :) In the midst of deciding between sandwiches and pizza the idea of shooting guns started the swirl around. Considering it is nothing we've ever done together, I didn't want to miss a minute of it. Scott and Lees gathered the supplies and packed up the 4WD. We drove up the grade. I love that Rhe even drove half way up the did a fantastic job and the Camry had one of the best views of the day.

Once we got up there, Scott gave us a necessary course in safety and we were ready to rock...or shoot! Emili had the best reaction ever....see below--

It was really great to catch up with you girls and do something way fun and super exciting.

Lisa & Scott demonstrated the art of teamwork and you guys are my favorite married couple. I really loved seeing the two of you, visiting your house and checking out the SLO-life.

These little weekenders are pretty great and I was so happy to see you all. Let's do it again soon! Love you much.
Rhe...I think we found your new calling, aside for being a vegan, it looks like you were made for activies like this...xoxo

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  1. totally much fun! thanks for hanging sar! everyone, come back soon! xoxo