Tuesday, June 9, 2009

here comes the bride

Saturday marked the first of many wedding anniversaries for Johnna and Jeremy!!!! I drove up to witness this holy matrimony of J and Jeremy at Morris Chapel located on the UOP campus. The church itself was exquisite...the stained glass, the wooden pews, the rose gardens. It had this traditional and classic feel. The weather was absolutely amazing and the sun shined through the colored glass just as we sat down for the ceremony.

Johnna looked absolutely gorgeous. She had this ornate lace gown and a hand-made veil (down by one of her best friends). When we all stood up to watch her walk down the aisle she was stunning and Jeremy looked so happy. It was a wonderful ceremony and I was so excited to see all her friends and family.

Once the reception started, K, Rhe, and I were able to properly celebrate with J! It was so much fun and so great to be a part of this very special day. I'm so excited to share the pictures. I had so much fun seeing everyone and watching J & Jeremy get MARRIED!!!!

Karina and Rheanna were the natural dancers on the floor, but I tried really hard. It wasn't until the end of the night that we got the brilliant idea to take our shoes off. But we totally owned that floor. I'm pretty much the worst dancer ever and this was emphasized when a particular man dressed in all blue attempted to swing dance with me...needless to say it was a complete failure.

We did have our own personal celebration with a toast dedicated especially to J!!!

After the night ended the J's headed to Hawaii and we spent the rest of the night in Stockton! It was so much fun and so amazing. Here's to Johnna and Jeremy...I love you guys!!!!!


  1. good work sar. thanks for putting those up!! so fun seeing you guys, even though it was short. and ps. vegas for my 26th. mark your calendars. i'm starting a savings account for slutty clothes now. but not too slutty.

  2. Sar, thanks for posting these pictures, I'm still anxiously awaiting the photographer's! Thanks even more for being there.