Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Names

So...I check this silly blog about 15 times a day to see if anyone has posted something life changing-then I decided maybe I could be that person!! So here's a little something for anyone else who checks compulsively. I hope I'm not the only one...

My parents got a new puppy-a little chubby golden retriever whose name is still not settled. We had picked out Lucy ahead of time, which I turned into LuLu Bell-cause I suck at nicknames and call everything in my house by anything other than it's name. My niece has gotten used to being B, Beaser, Beasley, Midge, Miss Rose, Miss Lynn, baby, babe, etc... (and no, no part of her name is just came out one day). So...puppy. She got home and Lucy just didn't fit, so we started calling her Gracie then Gracie Lu (but then I changed that one into Graybeard on accident so it sort of fell flat). Then I came upon Ruby, which totally fit her cause she's chubby and playful and runs into things a lot. But my mom likes gracie best, my niece likes lucy best, and i like ruby so now she is called all three. so we're going to have a schitzo dog.

anyway-i'm sure that made all your lives more complete. i'll write something actually meaningful next time. also-i'm going to be in slo the first weekend in may so anyone who wants to come watch me to do wildflower should come!!


  1. i'm a compulsive checker too rhe, don't worry. and i still like lucy. also, poor angelina is not going to know her name you crazy name maker-upper. you kill me!

    cute pup. xoxo

  2. so when I saw baby names I almost fell out of this dang office chair!

    My vote is for Ruby, but I'm also a compulsive name changer...Chester, my adorable cat has a laundry list of names, including by not limited to: Chesterkin, Kinsten, Finst, Fester, Baby, etc.

    Happy naming

  3. My favorite is fester-that's awesome. almost creepy like lester but not quite pedophile status.