Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

Rhe & I chased these two...seriously.

We had an excellent photographer this weekend!

This photo is friends are monkeys.

So color coordinated!

J...what's going on?!? 


So I was reminiscing over some quality birthdays that we have all spent together, and the one that stuck out the most was one we did about 4 years ago (oh my goodness, we're getting old)...and of course it was spent in the happiest place on earth (J...I already know what you're thinking). I feel like that trip was a totally random adventure and I especially loved getting Rhe's first bottle of alcohol which her and I proceeded to drink most of...awesome, considering we did the freakin Matterhorn some time after that. Anyway, I thought that flashing a couple pictures would bring back all the funny, I mean, I wasn't in Lisa's car...but we all know what happens when she's hysterically laughing! 

I actually really enjoyed going through these pictures, it seems like ages ago now! We should to do this again, and I'm pretty much serious. Can we please hang out? I started missing you fools. I send my love and will bestow some of my changing philosophies with you all soon!



  1. oh my gosh-one...i am awkward in pictures. but that was seriously one of my favorite b'days :) and two. sar i'm with you on planning a little reunion-that could be good times. and why not have it at disneyland right? or somewhere else-but let's pick a date this summer post j's wedding/lees and i will be out for summer/you and k will have plenty of time to ask for a few days off!!

    and...sar-i think you might be the only person in the world that would have chased princes at disneyland with me :) good times. and cinderella's prince is sort of a babe!

  2. and good times getting drunk at jeff's parents' house. that was fabulous. way to ring in 21! we must have left a great impression :)

  3. i have so many comments...but i will just say this one. please notice how high my pants are in the pic where j is falling. wowzers! im off to work or i'd write all the billion things that came to mind when i saw these pics. love you ladies, talk to you soon!