Monday, February 16, 2009

Eating Coffee Cake at Lisa's

I came to San Luis to visit my sister and got lunch with Lees at Sushiya (?), which was delicious for any sushi lovers passing through. I think I was only supposed to hang out for an hour or so, but decided instead to look at engagement rings, see her new house, and squeeze some coffee cake into my increasingly tighter pants. (I think I have gained 5 pounds since Saturday-looove SLO food). We took a walk down memory lane and decided that, clearly, we needed a 1351 blog. So we looked at a LOT of really bad pictures, argued over colors for the background-I opted for pink and red, but Lisa does not believe these colors go together. So now we're finishing up and I am going to go home and try to find a Chiweenie puppy-a chihuahua and daschund mix for those of you not up to speed- yay for being the first official poster on our very cool blog. love you guys.

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