Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shamrock Cookies!

So after the post I realized I didn't have an actual 4 leaf clover cut-out so I improvised and used my mini heart shaped one. Not too bad I thought?! J$ - I loved your story, definitely go with the cookies next year, way easier. I was a little jealous about the new stove though. I think Rhe told me you guys bought a house! Congrats, post some pictures for us! Anyhow, here are my makeshift shamrock cookies.


  1. These are the most intense cookies I've ever seen. Good Work Lees.

  2. those are awesome. they make me love st. patty's day even more. and yeah corned beef is awesome if you like salty fatty meat and are starving in ireland. which we're not. i wore green underwear that day but that was the extent of my celebrations. maybe next year i'll throw a huge st. patty's day party and you guys can up come up for it! good plan rhe (patting my back)