Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

My Mexican blood has never made me a huge participant in the St. Patrick's Day celebrations, but this morning, after Sarah's nice gchat message (ps thanks!) I started thinking about this day in college. My first memory was freshman year, any takers? Rhe? Hahaha. I still remember walking into our dorm room filled with people sipping on their Guinness'. That was fun...who did buy that beer anyways?!? We were all like 19 - minus Leilani. Anyhow, then I remembered more specifically a green outfit and going to Mother's and then coming home and eating probably an entire batch of monkey bread. Somehow I still fit in jeans back then that are way out of my league now. Not fair. I was trying to remember if that was the night of the crazy bathroom scene?!?

Today I am going to celebrate by making four leaf clover roll out sugar cookies for the hubs since I have the day off. Maybe I'll take a picture if they turn out. Anyhow, I just wanted to say hi and that I really mean to post on this but I've had this cold from hell that won't go away and basically takes over my life. Kinda, sometimes I'm dramatic when I'm sick. I love you all and will promise to be a better poster, I don't want this blog to fail one month in!


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  1. lisa andrews. that is a gross picture of me. i look really fat and i'm pretty sure my shoes have clear plastic toes covers.